Creating a generic container, and inner type, using Reflection

May 26, 2010

Type t = Type.GetType(outer_type);
if (t == null)
srt.LogClient.Log(Tools.LogLevel.Error, "Failed to instantiate type {0}", outer_type);
if (t.IsGenericType == true)
Type[] innerTArr = t.GetGenericArguments();
if (innerTArr == null || innerTArr.Length == 0)
Log("inner Type was not found. Cannot instantiate a generic class");

Type innerT = innerTArr[0];
Type genericType = t.GetGenericTypeDefinition();

Type[] typeArgs = { innerT };
Type constructed = genericType.MakeGenericType(typeArgs);
object o = Activator.CreateInstance(constructed);
mac = o as IMac;


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