Download a CSV of the constituents of the FTSE-100 from Yahoo Finance

August 9, 2010


4 Responses to “Download a CSV of the constituents of the FTSE-100 from Yahoo Finance”

  1. Paul said


    Thanks for posting this! I’ve tried out the URL but I only get 52 of the FTSE 100 constituents – do you think this is a Yahoo limitation, and if so do you know of a workaround?


  2. Paul said

    Hi Mark,

    No joy with Yahoo for constituents I’m afraid. My new approach is to screen scrape – a site called ‘London South East’ – check out the URL

    I then use a combination of html2text, grep and sed to get a list of symbols. I suspect that excessive screen scraping will result in them blocking us so go easy!

    I’ve found again that single sources of free data are prone to errors and incomplete fields so my approach is to build a system which scrapes as many feeds as possible then stitches them together to make a master record – if (when) a single feed breaks it hopefully means I won’t lose too much data.

    Hope that helps, let me know how you get on.


  3. gozseth said

    A few late, but I found an excel spreadsheet on this site with the constituents of the FTSE 100, together with live financial data:

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